Although there is no requirement to be initiated in Ziraat to participate in Ziraat activities, Ziraat is a path of initiation. Anyone may be initiated as a Worker in Ziraat. Initiation means making a commitment to do the inner spiritual work that furthers one’s personal development as well as to work for the betterment of the planet. During the initiation ceremony, (known as Reception of Laborers) one is asked to make a series of vows supporting these aims. The initiator adds the blessing of Hazrat Inayat Khan to the initiate’s commitment.

In 2022, the Inayatiyya altered the traditional initiation levels to reflect a less hierarchical structure and to modify language that may be offensive for cultural or other reasons. Those who have received initiations of Plougher, Harrower, Sower, Reaper, Thresher, or Garnerer will now be known as Workers. The new Reception of Laborer initiation options are included in the Ziraat Lodges and Teachings 2022 booklet.

Farmers, Experienced Farmers, and the Most Experienced Farmer (the Pir) are the authorized initiators in the Ziraat family. Initiators do not offer personal spiritual guidance or practices, as in the Inner School, but may serve as mentors. Those initiated into Ziraat who are not already an ashiq or murid in the Inayatiyya, automatically become ashiqs. Being an ashiq indicates that one has an affinity with the Inayatiyya.

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