The Ziraat Lodge Ceremony

The Ziraat Lodge ceremony is central to the Ziraat Activity. Lodges are generally done in a group setting, although individuals may conduct them as a private practice. The Lodge discloses rich symbolic spiritual teachings ripe to be explored.

There are several forms a Ziraat Lodge can take, the Formal Ziraat Lodge, the Informal Ziraat Lodgeand historic forms, as well.  Group Lodges are led by the Most Experienced Farmer, Experienced Farmers, and Farmers. Workers with significant Ziraat experience may also lead lodges with permission.

The 2022 booklet, Ziraat Lodges and Teachings, contains the Formal Ziraat Lodge, the Informal Ziraat Lodge, Options for Reception of Laborers and Ziraat Teachings.  

The 2012 booklet, Ziraat Papers, includes an older version of the Lodge, Initiation Ceremonies and Ziraat Lessons as well as an uncorrected 1930’s version of the Ziraat Lodge. This booklet also contains the uncorrected, historic Ziraat Papers, which are believed to originate with Hazrat Inayat Khan or Murshida Sophia Saintsbury-Green (circa 1930s) found in the Ziraat archives in Suresnes, France.

  • Ziraat Papers 2012 – (Pages are in sequential order for viewing online).
  • Ziraat Papers 2012 – (Formatted for booklet printing).
    Note:  Adjust printer settings to US Letter – landscape and double sided.

To connect to a Ziraat Lodge leader in your area email [email protected]. You are welcome to attend Virtual or In-Person Ziraat Lodges.