Ziraat Lodges and Teachings This booklet is the 2022 revision of the Ziraat Lodge Ceremony and includes all of the teachings on Ziraat given by Hazrat Inayat Khan. [Adjust printer settings to US Letter, landscape and double sided] Or email [email protected] if you wish to purchase a printed copy.

The Holy Mysteries of the Five Elements – by Pir Zia Inayat Khan

Nature Meditations – by Hazrat Inayat Khan. The Practices page has an older pdf version which you can download.

An Emerald Earth – by Felicia (Kainat) Norton and Charles (Muinuddin) Smith, PhD

An Emerald Earth affirms the infinite power of the heart, pointing the way to an uplifted world and a spirituality that is grounded in service to all of life.”
Une Terre d’Émeraude  (French edition purchased in France or other Euro countries) (includes links to purchase French editions in Canada, the USA, and France, as well as English)

The Soul’s Journey – by Hazrat Inayat Khan

“The Soul’s Journey offers a modern Sufi perspective to the essential questions about the nature and meaning of life, exploring the experience of the soul as it extends outward toward manifestation, during its life on the earth, and finally as it withdraws back to its source in the one being”.

The Ziraat Reader – compiled by Vakil Forest Shomer. The document is available to download in two parts:  

Regeneration – Ending the Climate Crisis in One Generation by Paul Hawken


The Ziraat Teachings by Hazrat Inayat Khan with assistance from Murshida Saintsbury-Green. The Ziraat Lessons are foundational teachings of Ziraat. 

The Meaning of Ziraat – by Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan. Pir Vilayat brings to the forefront the ecological crisis we face and the call of Ziraat to address that challenge. 

The Cycle of Ziraat – by Wali David Via. One perspective of the meaning of the cycle of Ziraat work. (Author’s Note: Since this paper was authored the initiatory stages of Plougher, Harrower, Sower, Reaper, Thresher, and Garnerer have been replaced by one, that of Worker. These stages are still contemplated as the symbolic cycle of work on the Farm, giving this paper continued relevance.)

The Three Soils of Ziraat – by Firos Holterman and Wali Via (2021). A view of Ziraat that emphasizes the importance of regenerative agriculture.

Ziraat Attitude Toward the Work – by Mumtaz Kamerer (2023). An overview of Ziraat teachings and watchwords for our work on the farm.


Past Ziraat Programs

Nature Meditations – There are 27 recordings in this series from 2021 presented by Pir Zia. Scroll through the display by date and name to find topics of interest.

The Emerald Contemplations – developed by the Knighthood of Purity, the Emerald Contemplations are a wonderful resource for deepening our attunement to Nature. The video recording Introduction to the Green Rules gives some background on how this series of Contemplations and name evolved. Presenters include:  Alia Arnesen, Firos Holterman, Shams Kairys, Suhrawardi Gebel and Wali Via.


Virtual & In-Person Ziraat Lodges

Retreats & Workshops

Kainat Norton (emeritus Ziraat Vice-President) and Muinuddin Smith offer Ziraat retreats and workshops internationally. More information is available on their website.

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